NOTE: Entries are sorted by speaker surname.


  • Colin Percival: 23 years of software side channel attacks
  • Paul Vixie: DNS over HTTPS


  • John Baldwin: In-Kernel TLS Framing and Encryption for FreeBSD
  • Conor Beh: FreeBSD at Work: Building Network and Storage Infrastructure with pfSense and FreeNAS
  • Michael Dexter: By the numbers: ZFS Performance Results from Six Operating Systems and Their Derivatives
  • David Fullard: Transitioning from FreeNAS to FreeBSD
  • Allan Jude: ELI5: ZFS Caching
  • Michael Lucas: Twenty Years in Jail: FreeBSD Jails, Then and Now
  • Kurt Mosiejczuk: Care and Feeding of OpenBSD Porters
  • Aaron Poffenberger: Road Warrior Disater Recovery: Secure, Synchronized, and Backed-up
  • Benedict Reuschling: Replacing an Oracle Server with FreeBSD, OpenZFS, and PostgreSQL
  • Shawn Webb: State of the Hardened Union


  • Brian Callahan: Learning to (Open)BSD through its porting system: an attendee-driven educational session

A schedule will be published soon.